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Finding your pediatrician at OC Children’s Medical Group

Pediatrician OC Children's Medical Group

OC Children’s Medical Group

It seems today more than ever, having a pediatrician you can trust is so important. As a mom of two little ones myself, I rely heavily on the advice of my children’s doctor to help me make those tough parenting decisions on what to feed them and when, and how to navigate illness in a pandemic world. If you are looking to educate yourself on the OC Children’s Medical Group, you are in the right place! In this article, we will thoroughly explore the OCCMG‘s purpose, staff, unique features, and patient feedback. Let’s get into it!

What is the OC Children’s Medical Group?

The OC Children’s Medical Group is a group of pediatricians who specialize in the effective health care of infants, children, and young adults. They have two locations, located in Ladera Ranch and Irvine.

What sets them apart from other pediatric care groups?

The OCCMG sees the value in “continuity of care”. This means that the facility makes it a goal for your family to meet with the same physician consistently, instead of a different one every time. They state that this benefits patients by resulting in:

  • higher quality healthcare
  • high satisfaction rates
  • general cost-effectiveness

They are committed to getting sick children in as early as possible for a visit. In the case of urgency, doctors are open to seeing any patients that require care (whether or not said doctor and patient have met before).

OCCMG emphasizes its dedication to personalized patient care. The staff is committed to ensuring that all patients feel seen, heard, and understood. They are conscious of the number of patients that they take on, to ensure that current patients are having all of their needs met.

OCCMG offers a complimentary “Meet the Doctor Meeting” for any family considering OCCMG. This provides a risk-free opportunity to find out whether or not the facility and its physicians are the right match for you and your children. This option is VERY important for first-time parents or mom’s and dad’s new to the area. Finding the right fit is so important and OC Children’s Medical Group makes that a priority.


OCCMG consists of 3 board-certified pediatricians and one board-certified nurse practitioner. The pediatricians are:

  • Megan Bayless (MD, FAAP)
  • Lisa Teschke-Nguyen (MD, FAAP)
  • Michael Villadelgado (MD, FAAP)

The nurse practitioner is Ashley Bartell (CPNP).


OCCMG tries to be as flexible with scheduling as their patients need it to be! They recognize that life with young people is unpredictable at best, making it difficult to squeeze visits into any kind of tight schedule!

Their hours are typically Monday to Friday, 8:30 AM to 5 PM but they have a physician on-call after hours.

The physicians’ schedules have daily reservations for “sick children”, meaning you won’t have to wait several days to take your child to the doctor when they are sick.

Reviews of the OC Children’s Medical Group

While statistics and information are important, testimonials are arguably more important, as they speak to the realistic experience had by patients like you! Here are some of the reviews about the OCCMG:

“They have 2 entrances, a “sick” entrance, and a “well” entrance. This prevents the spreading of germs”. –YELP Review

“Dr. Mike has been our doctor for years. He is very smart and kind. Spends time in the room and listens. The kids love him. I highly recommend him as the best pediatrician in orange county!” –YELP Review

“We have been going to OC Children’s Medical Group for over two years now and have had a great experience. I now have two kiddos who see Dr. Megan Bayless, and we love her. She is sweet, patient, and knowledgeable.” –YELP Review

“We couldn’t be happier with OC Children‘s! Easy to set appointments, always parking, clean welcoming staff. Highly recommend.” –YELP Review

While an overwhelming number of reviews are positive and accompanied by 5-star ratings, critical reviews are important to consider as well. Summarized below are the 2 most commonly critiqued qualities of the OC Children’s Medical Group.

The first critique is that the OCCMG is consistently growing, thanks to its high-quality service. While this sounds great, this can negatively impact already-existing patient families, who are finding it increasingly difficult to make appointments with their preferred physicians.

The second critique is that OCCMG does not accept all insurances. They currently accept Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Cigna, Aetna, Monarch, MHAP, Tricare, and others.

The OC Children’s Medical Group makes a considerate effort to ensure their patients feel important and validated during their visits. They do this by offering high-quality care, having flexible service hours, and having equipped physicians, nurses, and staff. For more information, visit

If you are a first-time parent or if you have a little one getting ready to make its big debut, you might want to know more about Midwives in Orange County or Birthing Center’s in Orange County check out my other Blogs!

I hope you have found this helpful!


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