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Hi there! Welcome to my online journal where I love to discuss everything from my favorite wedding venues, to motherhood, and adventures in parenting. I hope you find it helpful!

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3 of the Top Birthing Centers in Orange County

Birthing Centers in Orange County

Are you trying to decide if a birthing center is the right place for you to start your parenting journey? Are you having trouble deciding which center will best meet your needs?

You are in the right place! In this article, we will discuss what a birthing center is, what to look for in a birthing center, and the Top Birthing Centers in the Orange County area.

What is a birthing center?

Only in recent decades has it become “taboo” to give birth anywhere that is not a hospital. For centuries, women gave birth in their own homes, with little to no assistance. The first maternity hospital opened in 1914.

Nowadays, few mothers have any desire to “free birth” at home with little to no assistance (and for good reason! It can be extremely dangerous). However, more and more women are interested in exploring their birthing options outside of a typical hospital setting.

Cue the introduction of the perfect middle ground: birthing centers!

Birthing centers are fantastic for the mom who may be leaning towards a more natural birth experience, and the mom who feels most comfortable with all of the doctors, medicines, and equipment on hand that could possibly be needed.

A birthing center is the best of both worlds!

What should I look for in a birthing center in Orange County?

Giving birth is an intimate and vulnerable experience, and moms NEED to have a labor and birthing area where they feel comfortable, safe, and secure. Here are a few things to consider when you are selecting where you would like to give birth:

  • Support staff

            Are you already working with a midwifery team that is based out of a specific birthing center? If so, you may not have much choice about where you choose to birth. Don’t be afraid to ask your care providers any and all questions about the center.

  • Location

            You probably won’t want to select and birthing center that is over an hour away from you, just in case you happen to go into labor spontaneously. Be mindful of the distance between your home and the center, and don’t be afraid to practice driving the route a few times!

  • Shared birthing values

            While your care provider and you don’t have to agree on absolutely everything, but they need to respect you and your desires for your birth. No birth plan goes perfectly, but you should be able to trust your birthing center to consider your requests.

Top Birthing Centers in Orange County

  1. Labor of Love Birth Services

Labor of Love is a one-stop-shop for not only childbirth but for all prenatal and postnatal services. Some features of Labor of Love include:

  • Birth and postpartum doula services
  • Lactation support
  • Childbirth classes
  • Breastfeeding classes
  • A podcast/blog for educational purposes
  1. South Coast Midwifery

Known as Orange County’s “most established birth center” and the first accredited center in the area, SCM focuses on empowering mothers to embrace their personal birth journeys. South Coast Midwifery is definitely a Top Birthing Center in Orange County. Some other features of this center include:

  • Prenatal care
  • Specialization in Water births
  • Specialization in VBACs
  • Post-natal care
  • Chiropractic care
  • Several midwives on staff
  1. Birth Center at Mission Hospital

Some mothers desperately want the birth center experience but are uncomfortable with the idea of being far away from a hospital in case of an emergency. This birth center is actually part of the Mission Hospital, making it only the second of its kind. Some features of this center include:

  • Low intervention and encouraging atmosphere
  • Emphasis on parent-child bond, especially within the first 24 hours.
  • Prenatal care
  • 3 available midwifery suites

When it comes to choosing where you want to experience birth, I recommend calling and booking an in-person consultation and tour of the facility. Prepare for this by:

  • Making a list of questions (there is no such thing as a “dumb” question!)
  • Considering who you want as part of your care team (do you have a specific midwife you would like to work with?)
  • Write down any goals for your birth.

The most important thing is that you find a center where you feel safe, comfortable, and supported in your birthing goals. Do your research, trust your gut, and never be afraid to ask questions. Once that precious baby is in your arms, don’t hesitate to reach out for an in-home newborn session (or even at the birthing center once Covid restrictions allow). I am vaccinated (a current requirement) and happy to document your journey to meet your new bundle of love. 


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