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Hi there! Welcome to my online journal where I love to discuss everything from my favorite wedding venues, to motherhood, and adventures in parenting. I hope you find it helpful!

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Giracci Vineyards Wedding: Where Weddings, Wine, and Elegance meets.

Giracci Vineyards Wedding PhotographerGiracci Vineyards Wedding Photographer

Giracci Vineyards Wedding Venue

History of the Venue

The Giracci Vineyards is an outstanding town and country-styled farm known for its majestic 250-year-old oak tree. This charming place was rescued by Chad and Linda Kearms in January 2005 when it was in a state of disrepair. Good thing that they immediately realized that this place is a diamond in the rough otherwise couples would be missing out on an incredible space.

Details on the grounds

This venue is surrounded by a scenic landscape, abundant country elegance, and rustic beauty that creates a tranquil and magical environment perfect for your special day. I personally love the sprawling vineyards and vintage historic buildings and barns because they are like a painting brought to life. You’ll find Giracci Vineyards Wedding location to be the perfect vibe for your beautiful day. Not to mention the various spaces that it offers to cater to your preference.

Oak Tree Court & Tasting Room

You get to have stunning large trees surrounding you as you begin your life together as a couple in this natural ceremony location. You can create an aisle with the path walk of Oak Tree Court & Tasting Room by showering it with lavender and rose petals under the twinkling bistro lights adorning the giant trees. The room can hold 150 guests with a view of Silverado canyon, Giracci’s Equestrian Center, and sprawling mountains.

Wishing Well Court & Gazebo at Giracci Vineyards Wedding Venue

This dainty area exudes a simple elegance that most couples are looking for in a classy and timeless venue. With a maximum capacity of 300 guests, this Wishing Well Court and Gazebo under a huge tree is a great place for you to say your vows. With simple flower arrangements and Chiavari chairs, your wish of turning your dream ceremony into a reality will come true.

Stone Cottage & BBQ

For a casual yet elegant area for your special day, the well-manicured and landscaped Stone Cottage and BBQ will give you exactly what you need. This beautiful lawn space can accommodate 150 guests and is surrounded by vintage structures and wrought iron fences, making it even prettier.

Cabernet Barn

For an indoor experience in the Giracci Vineyards, you can choose Cabernet Barn for your big day. This high-rise barn is so appealing with its crystal-laced chandeliers and cement flooring. Also, it can accommodate up to 300 guests. It is no wonder that it is the venue’s premier indoor location.

Bridal Suite

This venue offers a bridal suite and changing rooms on-site for a more comfortable experience for the couple. Just make sure to coordinate with the management ahead of time so they can prepare it for you.

General Details of Giracci Vineyards Wedding Venue

This cozy vineyard will provide a romantic and sophisticated venue for your celebration. The 10 acres of land are surrounded by whitewashed fences and vintage elegance that you will genuinely love. This space can accommodate up to 300 people, provide indoor and outdoor venue spaces, and has a curfew of 10 PM.

It is important to note that only their in-house catering is allowed and alcohol services are usually provided for free. Their food, restaurant, and cafes offer various services, which include group tasting, cheeses, and more. Their bar and lounges have a full-service winery. The cost for this ranges from $4500 to $6500. For more details, you can contact them directly. Here’s a summary of the services they offer:

  • Exclusive Bridal Suite
  • Exquisite 200 fruitwood folding chairs
  • Various other event rentals
  • Venue Coordination
  • Use of all fixtures
  • Enjoy their in-house bar
  • Exclusive Catering – 24 Carrots Catering & Events
  • Outside vendors allowed (excluding Catering & Rentals)
  • The hiring of an outside photographer is permitted
  • Valet parking is required by law
  • Shuttle services
  • Aesthetic Tables

My Takeaway of Giracci Vineyards Wedding Venue

For a romantic ceremony in a natural setting, this is where you should host your special day! Every area provides you with the opportunity for beautiful portraits. As an expert photographer who knows the ins and outs of Giracci Vineyards Wedding Venue, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I can help you capture your moments in the most authentic way or assist you in finding a similar venue to this, such as the Coto Valley Country Club. I can’t wait to capture your beautiful day!


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