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Hi there! Welcome to my online journal where I love to discuss everything from my favorite wedding venues, to motherhood, and adventures in parenting. I hope you find it helpful!

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Dazzling Details for a Coto Valley Country Club Wedding

Coto Valley Country Club Wedding Photographer

Coto Valley Country Club

Wedding Details

History of Coto Valley Country Club

Coto de Caza was inaugurated as a hunting lodge in 1968 and soon achieved the status of a classical destination wedding venue. The beautiful Coto Valley country club is nestled behind the deluxe Coto de Caza in Southern California. This luxurious private estate is a joint venture of America’s multinational companies, Chevron and Arvida Corporations. It is a timeless historical Orange Country site and has also been honored to be the shoot location of “The Real Housewives of Orange County”. Can you imagine? All the 15 seasons were filmed in this epic location!

Surrounded by lush green woodlands and epic scenery, Coto Valley Country Club Weddings have been capturing the attention of all the lovely young couples who wish to tie the knot in a serene, private, and safe space. The warm summer Mediterranean climate of this impeccable wedding venue will set the perfect romantic tone for your big day.

The Grounds

The gorgeous setting of this location will bring your stylish dream to reality. Surrounded by lush green lands on all four sides, epic scenery, breath-taking views, and dynamic spaces – Coto valley country club has been the first choice of contemporary modern couples worldwide. The view is to die for! So serene, calm, and peaceful.

Overlooking the rolling mountains, there is a wonderful green vibrant garden and a lawn. This serves as a great backdrop for wedding portraits. The beauty looks and feels heavenly!

Details Of the Ceremony and Reception Areas

John Wayne Ballroom/Canyon Room

Let’s admit this: The classical look of a vintage ballroom, princess gown, and grand reception is an unparalleled combination. The versatility in terms of the theme that the ballroom offers is phenomenal, too!

The John Wayne Ballroom is a large room built inside the Coto Valley Country Club for hosting special formal events and wedding parties. It’s a grand space with stunning interior décor and has a ton of character. Ornamented with fancy ormolu chandeliers, large barn doors, and pearl-white tablecloths – this wedding venue is bound to mesmerize your guests.

If you are looking forward to getting married in a classy timeless ballroom nestled in a peaceful location – the John Wayne Ballroom and Canyon Room are the ultimate options for you. Their style is suitable for every wedding theme be it vintage, country club, romantic, modern, or rustic – you name it! The magnificent walls and beautiful interior décor exude romance, charm, style, and glamour.

This ballroom is originally the location where John Wayne entertained his Hollywood friends. It has always been a major attraction and is now available for your use. Are you ready to make your big day the most special one of your life here?

The space can serve to be a ceremony as well as a reception site. Extra commodities include:

  • Great lobby with natural lighting
  • Indoor and outdoor event space
  • The grand staircase that leads to the reception site
  • Golf and Racquet Club
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Outdoor Pavilion
  • 3500 sq. ft. area
  • Wheelchair services for those with disabilities

Grand Lawn

The great majestic lawn dappled with redwoods, and lush green meadow will give you the vibe of a fairy-tale wedding. Couples can choose to keep it simple or decorate it to match their nuptial aesthetics as per their choice. Let it spark your creative side at the Coto Valley Country Club Wedding Venue. The picturesque scenery and romantic wooden gazebo provide a stunning backdrop for wedding photos. Highly recommended if you are opting for an outdoor garden ceremony!

Dining and dancing on the rich succulent grass will feel so serene. Coto Valley Country Club is nestled within breath-taking views and is surrounded by thick green forest.

Coto Valley Country Club Wedding Details

The estimated starting cost for hosting a wedding in this venue is $10,000 for an average of 50 guests. However, for a nuptial venue like this that covers all the essential details under a single roof- the price is totally worth it. There is a built-in marble bar with adjoining lounges where guests can enjoy cocktails and hors d’oeuvres on the patio.

My Takeaway Of the Coto Valley Country Club Wedding

It’s always been a pleasure and honor for me to photograph couples in this stunning wedding venue. The scenic beauty of this location leaves me awe-struck every single time! It offers so many picturesque backdrops and places to capture the love of newlyweds. If you are looking to get married in a serene yet beautiful timeless location in South Orange City, California, I highly suggest you check this place out! Also, if you need an experienced photographer who knows all the heavenly locations to shoot wedding pictures, please feel free to contact me, or have a look at the wedding section on my website.


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