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Top Toy Stores in Orange County

Orange County Toy Stores

The holiday season is right around the corner and will be here before you know it! When you are a mom, Christmas means celebrating it with your family and friends and usually the one who is in charge of getting gifts and presents for the kids. As a busy mom and photographer, I know it is easy to resort to online shopping late at night while the kids are asleep but here are some brick and mortar stores still around that deserve a little credit too.  

For this reason, I have dug deep into all the Toy Stores in Orange County and have tried to chalk out all the details of some top local toy stores. It is also a really fun place to take the kids and let them pick out some items themselves. They will love it! I hope you will love these top Orange County toy stores from where you’ll get incredible presents for the upcoming holiday season.

Here are the:

Top-Rated Orange County Toy Stores

1. The Wee Loft

The Wee Loft is a local European Toy Shop located in Orange County with shops in Dana Point and Corona Del Mar. They will have all of the toys that you might be searching for your kids this Christmas with hand-selected, high-quality pieces. You will find the finest modern and classic European toys for kids and kids-at-heart in this toy store. My son is especially fond of the Bruder truck line. I can’t tell you how many of their trash trucks we have (yes there are quite a few) and I know he has his eye set on their delivery van. The toy store is loaded with some fantastic games, toys, and storybooks. The uniqueness, durability, and beauty of the toys at The Wee Loft are exceptional. If you want to buy a fantastic collection of Christmas toys, you must visit this store.

2. Optimus Toys

Optimus Toys is your classic toy store. Do you remember KB Toys on the mall when you were a kid? Yes? Well, this is just like you remember. A real gem. This toy store has multiple locations in Orange County. One is located near me in South OC at The Shops at Mission Viejo and the second location is at the Brea Mall in Brea, California.

They are well known for their wide variety of toys including Transformers which can be hard to find. The name of the toy store Optimus is taken from the leading role of the movie transformers. So, guys, if your kids love Transformers movies, then you should visit this toy store and buy Christmas toys for your little ones. Their selection is a wide variety of age groups and their prices are very reasonable. Make your kid’s Christmas more memorable by giving them presents from Optimus Toys.

3. Tiddlywinks Toys and Games

When walking into Tiddlywinks store in Orange County, I immediately noticed a huge collection of toys. Everything in this store is so eye-catching and there is a lot to take in. They have a wide collection of high-end toys, arts and crafts, and games. The place is adorable and also has a fantastic collection of locally made items. You can check their amazing girls and boys toys collection loaded with a versatile variety of toys that you can buy for your kids this Christmas.

You can expect all of the top toys and brands including Barbies, Spiderman, Hulk, Superman, Harry Potter, and many more games. I love that Tiddlywinks Toys and Games has learning items too like puzzles, magnets, building blocks, etc. I bought a scrabble and pancake monster game for my son from their vast collection of games, including Manila, Zingo, Block Nest,  Jacks, Rip off, and much more. If you are in search of Christmas toys and games for your kids, then trust me, it’s worth visiting!

4. Puzzle Zoo Toy Store

The toys and games that I found at Puzzle Zoo Toy Store were real treasures. Located in South Coast Plaza, it is a big store that has thousands of toys and games. The aisles are loaded with versatile games and toys and is fully decorated with bright lights. The toys are aligned with specific age groups which was super helpful to me because my children are 4 years apart. The further you move down the aisle, the higher the age goes. This distribution of the toys helps to buy toys within a few minutes and saves time.

The boy’s rack has a variety of superheroes collections. The toys in this section are action figures, including soldiers, police officers, and others. The girl’s collection has Frozen characters, Dora, LOL dolls, and much more. You will find everything you are looking for here.

5. BoomLoot

Later last week, I had a shoot in Irvine so I thought I would stop in at BoomLoot toy store. I had never visited the store and I was excited to check it out. In this top Orange County Toy Store, they have a wide collection of every animated movie character imaginable. All the villains and the superheroes collection are available. My son had been asking me to buy him a Spiderman toy. He loves Spiderman. I decided to buy one for my dude, and I added it to his new reward treasure chest we have started for good behavior at school. He loved it! 

What sets Boomlot apart is that they sell collectible pieces, and they also buy, sell, and trade. So, this location is really for a high-end toy collector and one who appreciates rare toys. But also, if your child likes any animated characters (especially Star Wars), you can find everything and more at BoomLoot.

Final verdict on which Top Orange County Toy Store is the best…

You cannot go wrong with any of these toy stores because they are all unique and so amazing. To me, I loved the vibe of Optimus Toys because it reminded me of when I was a kid. The quality at the Wee loft and Tiddlywinks was noticeable and the collections at Boom Lot was impressive. I can’t tell you how many times I have been disappointed with quality after buying online and so seeing the toys in “real life” helps tremendously. I also love supporting these awesome local businesses.

So tell me, what is your little one’s current favorite toy?


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