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Hi there! Welcome to my online journal where I love to discuss everything from my favorite wedding venues, to motherhood, and adventures in parenting. I hope you find it helpful!

Hi, I'm Amy.

Top 6 Noteworthy Temecula Wedding Venues

Temecula Wedding Venues

Top 6 Temecula

Wedding Venues

Temecula Creek Inn

Details on the grounds

This venue is surrounded by gorgeous rolling hills and a beautiful landscape that makes for a romantic setting for your union. If you are looking for Temecula wedding venues that provide intimacy and natural charm, then these 300 acres, sheltered by trees that offer serene privacy, are perfect.

The Stone House

A stunning outdoor area can accommodate up to 270 guests. A historic cottage and imposing oak trees provide a magical environment in which to say your “I dos.”

The Meadows

A vibrant venue that can host 150 attendees and that will give you a fairytale ambiance, enclosed with tree canopies and rose bushes.

My takeaway of Temecula Creek Inn as a Wedding Venue

This picturesque venue is perfect for nature lovers as it forms part of a countryside retreat and a golf resort, but it still keeps things as elegant as possible.

  • Rental fee starts from $1,500 to $5,000/event

Morgan Estate

Details on the grounds

An elegant Georgian country manor that can provide you with views of luscious wine country and acres of nearby vineyards that is a wonderful choice for couples who love nature. The 20 acres of elegant ceremony site also features a veranda for cocktail parties, a covered reception area, a bridal and groom’s suite, and the exclusive use of the estate for your big day.

Beautiful Garden

Enjoy the beauty of an outdoor ceremony with the venue’s lovely garden filled with ornamental plants and featuring a great view – it’s large enough to accommodate 200 guests.

Covered Pavilion

This classic 3,000 square foot covered pavilion is the perfect spot to host reception while enjoying the view. I would suggest having your ceremony here to avoid the harshness of direct sunlight.

My takeaway of Morgan Estate as a wedding venue

If you adore quaint gardens and panoramic views, I recommend booking this venue; it can deliver the unforgettable experience you deserve.

  • Rental fee starts from $7,250 to $10,250/event

Europa Village

Details on the grounds

The Village offers a variety of event spaces that are heavily influenced by the landscapes and architecture of Spain, Italy, and France. The wide variety of extraordinary locations, from indoor to outdoor venues, everything exudes the charm and authenticity of Old World Europe.

Indoor Venue and Locations

  • Barcelona- Barrel Room
  • Bolero Restaurante
  • Gran Reserva
  • Il Cave
  • La Sala De Vino
  • La Tana Vienza

Outdoor Venue and Locations

  • Il Terraza Vienza- The Vienza Terrace
  • Gran Reserva Patio
  • La Plaza- The Square
  • La Terraza
  • La Terraza De Barcelon
  • Veranda
  • Wedding Lawn

My takeaway of Europa Village as a Wedding Venue

Compared to the other Temecula wedding venues, the most prominent feature of this option is the variety of choices on offer regarding where you can conduct your ceremony or reception. From courtyards to alfresco options, verandas, or open-air terraces, this place has got it all for you.

  • Starting from $14,000 – $20,000/100 guests

Mount Palomar Winery

Details on the grounds

This award-winning winery is popular due to its adaptability to every individual couple’s personal, cultural, and religious preferences. In addition to that, it has a spectacular hillside space to accommodate your every need, from intimate ceremonies to extravagant celebrations.

Indoor Venue and Locations

  • Barrel Room (100-150 guests)
  • Tasting Room (65 guests)
  • Restaurant (120-160 guests)

Outdoor Venue and Locations

  • Bar Front Patio Space (35 guests)
  • Bar Covered Patio Space (65 guests)
  • Tasting Room Patio (65 guests)
  • Tasting Room Level Plaza (300 guests)
  • Outdoor Reception Area (1000 guests)
  • Olive Garden Private Terrace (25-80 guests)

My takeaway of Mount Palomar Winery as a Wedding Venue

For a Temecula wedding photographer like me, it is important that your ceremony takes place in a location suitable for any time of the year so that we won’t have to worry about the unpredictable weather on your special day. To have so many different indoor and outdoor spaces in Mount Palomar Winery makes this possible. In addition to that, your wedding will have a sense of exclusivity as the venue hosts just one event per day.

  • Starting from $5250 to $6000/50 Guests and from $16,000 to $17,000/100 Guests

Lorimar Vineyards and Winery

Details on the grounds

If you prefer a place with rustic elegance and charm, then, among the Temecula wedding venues available, Lorimar Vineyards and Winery is ideal for you. You will find an oasis hidden within citrus groves and vineyard rows that can host your celebration of love, whether it is big or small – this spot has a suitable space for you to choose from as you enjoy the breathtaking view of your Tuscan-style surroundings.

Vineyard Lawn

This is a cozy location that can fit up to 150 guests. Enjoy the gorgeous rows of vines as a backdrop, complete with bistro lights, a fireplace, a bar, and a stage for your ceremony.

Barrel Room

You can opt to hold your occasion in this rustic yet charming room to seat up to 50-300 attendees.

Ceremony Lawn

This outdoor location can accommodate up to 50-300 guests and includes a gazebo for your ceremony. Plus, you and your nearest and dearest will get to enjoy their lush landscapes.

My takeaway of Location as a Wedding Venue

From a Temecula wedding photographer’s perspective, the remarkable sunset over the Santa Ana Mountains that you can enjoy from this venue is a perfect element to make your celebration of love even more romantic.

  • Package prices $93–124/person

South Coast Winery Resort & Spa

Details on the grounds

This world-class resort is known for the natural beauty and luxurious service that every couple longs for. You are sure to create a memorable experience, enjoying the elegant and inviting accommodation of this hilltop resort and spa.

Outdoor Venue and Locations

  • Rose Arbor
  • Courtyard

Indoor Venue and Locations

  • Barrel Room

My takeaway of South Coast Winery Resort & Spa as a Wedding Venue

This resort and spa is perfect for a lavish ceremony and reception. Not only that, their vineyard view will make every bride’s wine country union dream come true.

  • Price range from $12,000 to $18,000/100 Guests

I hope you find my top 6 Temecula wedding venues list helpful as you start planning for your special day. Feel free to visit my website for more tips or connect with me if you are looking for someone to document your wedding!


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