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Hi there! Welcome to my online journal where I love to discuss everything from my favorite wedding venues, to motherhood, and adventures in parenting. I hope you find it helpful!

Hi, I'm Amy.

FEATURED Vintage Hollywood – Light and Airy Boudoir Photographer

Vintage Hollywood Boudoir Photography in Orange County, California

I am beyond honored to be featured in the awesome Pressed Flowers Boudoir Blog for my recent work with the super talented @TaylorAnnTracy. Along with @MichelleFallman and @SparkStudiosOC, we created this beautiful Vintage Hollywood Boudoir vibe. It is everything I love about boudoir, soft, feminine, sexy, and the vintage vibe is a perfect match for my light and airy photography style.

Pressed Flowers describes itself as a blog, “dedicated to showcasing feminine beauty and empowering our female audience. We focus on imagery with a ‘fine art’ aesthetic, which often includes film photos.” I love that because that matches up perfectly with what I aim to do too. Being a light and airy photographer, it has taken me a few years to work on my craft and finally find the perfect location to host my boudoir photography dreams and visions. I am honored to be featured after only going live with this venture a little over one month ago.

I look forward to bringing my light and airy boudoir photography vibe to your next session. Click here to learn more about my style and what my services include. Also view the entire blog post and more photos on the featured post here!



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